Customizing your Wallpaper in BrowserG!

One of the features available ion BrowserG! is the ability to customize the WebTop wallpaper in BrowserG!  We have decided to announce this feature as this is important for many users.  Some users might want to add their national flag, others might want to see a picture of their kids, others their friends or their pets, the list goes on.  The development team at BrowserG! realizes the need to be able to add that personal touch to their web browser, so we describe this process below.  Note this is still work in progress.

Step1.  Go to Customize.. Menu Option.  Choose Set Wallpaper Menu Option as shown below.

Step2.  You are prompted image(*.jpg,*.gif, etc) to set up as your Wallpaper.  Choose the file you would like to set up as your Wallpaper.

Step3.  You will see the new Wallpaper on the BrowserG! WebTop as shown below.

There are quite a few wallpaper image websites on the web.  One of our favorites and most extensive websites for wallpaper images is WebShots.  Click on the button  and you can read more about it. Our future plans include supporting technologies like where wallpapers can be customized every day or so.