How to setup plug-ins in BrowserG!

Apart from the support of major web standards, an important feature of today's browser is the use of Plug-ins. 

What are Plug-ins?  

Plug-ins are software programs that extend the capabilities of a given Browser in a specific way - for example, the ability to play audio samples or view video movies from within your browser.

How do you install Plugins? 

BrowserG! supports plugins based on the Mozilla platform.  BrowserG! is a Netscape/Mozilla compatible browser, so technically Netscape plug-ins should work in BrowserG!.  To find plug-ins provided by Netscape, go to their plug-ins web pages.  To set up plugins in BrowserG!, all you need to do is download the plugins into the Plugins subdirectory under the Mozilla/Netscape install directory.  This will look something like this: C:\Mozilla\Plugins or C:\Netscape\Plugins.  Here we assume that you have installed Mozilla or Netscape in the C: Drive in Windows platform. 

Checking steps for your plug-in installation.

To check what plugins have been properly installed on your system, type about:plugins in the Address Bar.  You can also read a more technical and detailed article describing the plug-in installation process.  After you have installed the plugins, you can see what plug-ins work from within BrowserG! (or a Mozilla/Netscape compatable browser), go to the test pages for some of the most popular plug-ins. 

If you find that some plugins do not work from within BrowserG!, please send an email to our mailing list at:

Plug-in Development links..

If you would like to develop new plug-ins for the above platform, see the mozilla plug-ins docs.  Netscape also supports writing plug-ins in the java language, these are called pluglets ro java plug-ins.  If you like programming in java and are keen on developing your plug-ins, go to

 A essential document that covers converting old style Netscape plug-ins to a newer style, see the scripting plug-ins webpages

A must read topic for any plug-in developers targetting the IE platform is, how to make Netscape plug-ins work in IE 5.5 SP2 and beyond- well, here is an article for you.