If you have to click through several links to get to your final destination, it is plain old wrong!

BrowserG! is a java based desktop application that provides important functionality and enhances the existing habits of the common web surfer. When you are online, you enjoy different web aspects-surfing for information, emailing friends or chatting with family friends using AIM(tm), ICQ(tm) or Yahoo Messenger(tm) , playing games on your PC or the internet, file sharing using Kazaa(tm) or LimeWire(tm) , posting your thoughts on the web or reading someone else's review, listening to your favorate songs - what ever you enjoy!!  BrowserG! tries to incorporate all your bad habits under one tool.  :-) A few features that you might find useful in your day to day web activities are listed on the right. 

Download BrowserG! 1.03 beta here.

What's New?

Customizing the favorite website toolbar is done!  Here is how you customize it.  Enjoy!

We have also developed a cool addon to BrowserG! called CalculatorG!.  Hope you are excited about it as much as we are.

We have greatly imporved the sidebar functionality in the current version of BrowserG!    Even better you can now develop your own sidebars in BrowserG!  How?  All you need is an apetite for Java jfc/swing.  Go to the Sidebar section  to read more on this.

Click below for more BrowserG! Screenshots.

How do I contribute?

We have packed BrowserG! with a lot of functionality.  However, as it is in beta phase, you can help us improve it further by:

Some Technical Readings..

If you would like to find resources more useful in building your own browser in java/jfc environment. 

  • You will find the WebClient: Technology behind BrowserG! section useful in this effort.  We are constantly trying to supplement the WebClient/Blackwood effort by adding resources that are not readily available and making it easier for developers.
  • Check out the Java section also, it contains a collection of articles and useful links about JFC, I/O, networking and performance that have helped in my research.

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Over  42,000 downloads so far!

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BrowserG! 1.03 beta released! Download Windows and Linux versions here.

Check out the new features in BrowserG! version 1.03

Ssh! Read a new G! Tip 

*New* Write your own Sidebars!

Customizing favorite website toolbar is here!

*New* CalculatorG!

Sidebars: Flags & History


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