WebClient: Technology behind BrowserG!

WebClient provides a browser-neutral Java API that enables generic web browsing capability.  BrowserG! is based on WebClient1.1 and can be considered the most extensive known example of the WebClient technology in java/jfc.  This section is targeted towards users who would like to know more about WebClient and get involved.

If you would like to read more about the technology you can go to the following WebClient  page.  You should also keep an eye on the current releases of WebClient.  Also, have a look at the  WebClient 1.1 vs WebClient 1.0 page to see the different functionality available.

If you would like to embed Mozilla in a C++, Visual Basic environment, I would suggest looking at the following link.  http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/mozilla.htm.  Here is another interesting page  describing JNI technology that can be used to embed native browsers in java.

We can contribute the WebClient/Mozilla community in the following areas.

1. Building WebClient..

Building WebClient with a particular release of Mozilla doesn't seem to be straight forward.  If you have a better way or find something wrong with the procedures mentioned on the WebClient site, send us an email at browserg-tech@mozdev.org and we will share it with our users.

2. Reporting WebClient bugs..

3. Sending your questions to the proper channels..

    Join the discussion on the netscape.public.mozilla.java and netscape.public.mozilla.embedding newsgroups.  This is a good resource to ask questions and look through past messages to find them.  Unfortunately, the above newsgroups are not meant for WebClient only, so it becomes difficult to talk to only concentrated WebClient users.

    Join BrowserG! mailing list.   Being the most extensive, public example on integrating with Mozilla through WebClient, we are starting a  mailing list  dedicated for the WebClient community.  We encourage you to send your emails about WebClient problems and discuss them with the BrowserG! community and the fellow WebClient users.

Note: It is a good idea to look through the past messages before posting your question to either of these channels.  You can most of the time find your answer faster this way.

4. Sharing WebClient User Feedback..

We will adding notes and user input on WebClient releases when available via differnet channels.  If you have some feedback, email it to the browserg-tech@mozdeg.org mailing list.  It will be reviewed and will be posted for other users if useful.