G! Tips Page.

G! Tips are features that are new to BrowserG! and /or might not be available in other browsers.  Ssh!  these will be our little secret!

G! Tip #1. Find in Page

You must have used the find functionality in other browsers.  BrowserG! adds a twist to this! 

In BrowerG! if you search for something on any site (yes, any site!) you will be able to find in the current page, the same seaarch that you looked for without having to retype it again.  Imagine, what a time saver!

G! Tip #2. Customizing Wallpaper

This BrowserG! feature is like WebShots(tm) meets Mozilla(tm).  BrowserG!  might be the only browser out there that allows you to customize your Wallpaper.  To try it- go to the Customizing your wallpaper in BrowserG!  section.