Customizing your favorite buttons in BrowserG!

To configure your favorite buttonis in BrowserG! is a very easy process.

Go to NetStart Button.

Click on the Customize menu option.

Select the Edit Favorite Buttons..  menu option shown below.

The Button Customizer shows up and you are ready to configure them.

Selecting the Button Customizer from NetStart Button

There are two ways in which you can customize a favorite button.

1. Select the button you would like to change (as shown on right).  Input the new url in the textfield you would like the selected button to point to.  In our case we change our email icon to point to instead of  Sometimes it is not easy to remember or type a long web address in which case look at the second option below.

2. If you are surfing and are at the current web address that you would like to set it to a particular favorite button.  First, select the button you would like to customize and then check the Copy current web address to selected favorite button option.

Press Save to save the above changes.  From now on whenever you click the favorite button you configured you will go to the web address corresponding to it.

Button Customizer in Action!