Sidebar functionality in  BrowserG!


This is one area where we have evaluated & re-evaluated the way people might like to use some add on functionality to the browser.

Currently the Sidebars available are Flags and History only.  As you will see on the right they can be resized, hidden or maximized full view to see the complete url.

Sidebars are a really exciting part of BrowserG!  We are looking to more input from our users who might want to suggest new ideas or develop innovative new Sidbar applications.  If you are interested in developing some *neat* Sidebars for BrowserG! follow the source links below or you can send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you with this effort.

How about a links and images sidebars?  As an example, the links sidebar can display all the links and an images sidebar can display all the images available for the web page the user is currently on.  The user can use these links to navigate faster or resize images to see better. 

We are currently looking into integrating calculatorG! as a sidebar and maybe the notes functionality.  As you can see the possibilities are endless.  How about a search bar?  :-)  You see what i mean.  Enjoy!!

You will find the java source code for FlagPanel, HistoryPanel here.  FlagPanel and HistoryPanel extends the abstract class SidebarPanel, if you are intereseted you can find source for SidebarPanel here.  So the functionality available on the right comes in built to you as a developer.




Normal View of Sidebar.

Flags Sidebar hidden for more browsing space

Full View of Flags Sidebar with no browser visible