Step 1.

Search for the term you would like to shop for.  In this case, the user is searching for a dish washer.
Note, the user can use different search terms like dishwasher, dishwashers, stainless steel dishwasher, etc.

Step 2.

When the user presses the Shop button, BrowserG! goes to Shop mode, it brings up a shopping utility bar,
which has different partner  sites for coupons, comparison shopping and select, popular merchants.
In this case, the user clicks on to see the promotion codes available.

Step 3.

Next-using the Shopping Utility bar, the shooper moves to to see the different specials there. 
Note: the user clicks the different buttons, instead of having to type. This is a faster way to navigate.

Now if the shopper would like to shop for something else-the shopper can press the Clear! button and type a new shop key word.
Furthermore, the user can go to a new website by typing in the url, and pressing Go! button, or search for something, by
clicking the Search! button.

Have a fun time shopping and get a good deal!