Go! Search! Shop! & Clear! feature

Every browser has a Go button.  This is one feature available in all browsers and is a starting point for many.  We have embedded the Search, Shop and Clear directly into BrowserG! to provide benefitial and better designed functionality to people that they commonly use.  It is not that we just hate typing.  Actually, yes we do, but we believe that we should save make it efficient wherever we can.  We are always looking for functions that make sense!  Going to the crux of this new functionality.

Search!   This functionality allows a person to search straight from the url bar.  A user types in the url bar something they are searching for and press the Search  button.  When a user clicks on the Search button-BrowserG! goes to Search mode.  BrowserG! is smart enough to bring up other popular search engines incase you might want to search on some other site next.  Once again you don't have to type of a new url to just the search term and click!  :-)

Shop!   This functionality allows a person to look for shops and shopping related information straight from the address bar.  For example if a user is looking for dishwasher, the user can type the term dishwasher straight into the address bar and then press the Shop button.  When a user clicks on the Shop button-BrowserG! goes into Shop mode.  It brings up a shopping utility bar with different coupon and comparison shopping sites for quick reference.  This is a useful tool to find good deals or just plain window shopping.  Too see a step by step decription of shopping through BrowserG!, go to the shop mode page and see what it is all about?

Clear!  When someone wants to clear the address bar, they can do that by pressing the clear button.  Personally, we do not like idea of having to select the whole text and then pressing delete.  Ofcourse, you can still do this but, we would rather just have a Clear!


This is one area that will have a lot more features added in the near future.  If you any comments or suggestions for us about the above features, send us an email at browserg@mozdev.org  and we will try to incorporate them in the next release if at all possible and if we like them enough.