Hyperview feature

Explaining the Hyperview feature, it is being able to personalize the view for a particular website.  BrowserG! implemented the Hyperview feature to allow users better navigation of the sites of their choice.   Hyperview can be thought of a personal bar per site.  If you see yourself visiting a few website often and click through several links visiting the same sections of the website constantly-you would be an ideal candidate to use Hyperview .  This functionality helps users navigate to the same urls without having to click so often and without having to press back and forward buttons again and again.  urgh!!

Q)When would I use Hyperview?

Answer:  This is the most common question that we get.  Hyperview is a quick way to personalize your favorite web sites according to your needs and habits. Lets say you visit a site to read the news, stocks and headlines every so often. When you do this on a constant basis, it saves valuable time and extra typing by using Hyperviews.  You visit different sections of the website quicker and naviagate easier within the site!  You could use Hyperviews for your favorite music page, shopping site, shop, portal... Remember, the Hyperview can be customized for each and every web site you visit.  So, if you navigate to a new site, you will see a new Hyperview for that site depending on if it is available on your system or not.  BrowserG! staff has worked hard to create a Hyperviews for the most popular sites out there.  Ofcourse we would have like to created Hyperviews for the whole web, but we could never get them all!

Q)How do I use Hyperview in BrowserG?

Answer:  There are two ways you can access Hyperview

1) Sorry, there is no go:// short cut for Hyperviews like Groups.  You can access Hyperviews when you press the Go button or navigate to a new website.  Hyperviews will automatically come up for the site your are visiting.  See figure: HyperView in action.

2) You can also access Hyperviews by clicking the NetStart button, selecting the Hyperview option and selecting the website you want to surf to by double clicking it from the list.  See figure on the right.

Q)How do I find out all theHyperviews I have?

Answer:  Click the NetStart button and clicking on Hyperviews to find the list of Hyperviews available on your system.

Q)Can I see my Hyperview when I am visiting my favorite group?  Why don't I see my Hyperview when I am using groups?

Answer:   When you typed go://name_of_group - the groups bar is already visible, to get the Hyperview for the site you are currently on click the Go button.  You will now see the Hyperview for this site.

Q)How do I see what urls a Hyperview contains? How do I change them?

Answer:  You can use the Hyperview Manager to customize, add or delete any of the hyperviews .  Start Hyperview Manager. To see what url the different hyperviews point to, select a hyperview from the left list. You will see the List name corresponding to this Hyperview and the urls associated with this hyperview. You can make changes to the existing hyperviews then press Save. Don't forget to press Save.

Q)How do I create newHyperviews? How do I add and delete BrowserG! Hyperviews ?

Answer:  Start the Hyperviews Manager. Press the Add (or Delete if you would like to delete a hyperview) button.  In the List name, add a hyperview name and add the url, title and tooltip that you want associated with this hyperview .

Don't forget to press Save.

Hyperviews in Action!

Selecting a Hyperview from NetStart

Starting the Hyperview Manager

View of the HyperView Manager

Please note at this point Hyperviews are not upgradeable. Meaning that if you upgrade to a new version of BrowserG! you will most probably lose them the next time around. We will be putting a mechanism in place to avoid this in future.  In the meantime, if  you would like to keep these Hyperview customizations for the next release of BrowserG!, send us an email to browserg@mozdev.org and we will give you a workaround