Navigating with Flags and History Sidebars

Sidebars in BrowserG! come up on the left hand side.  Flag and History sidebars are useful for navigation between different web pages.  Flags sidebar in particular removes the need for adding less meaningful bookmarks.    Less Clutter! 
If you have an idea of your own and would like to contribute morally or technically, here is some code and explaination  of  Sidebar functionality which is not covered in this section.

Flags Sidebar in BrowserG!

A Flag works similar to a bookmark in that it can be used to quickly navigate to a web page by double clicking it.  Flags differ from bookmarks in that the flags disappear once the browser is closed.  Yes! they are gone forever.  Why would one use flags then?  We can see a lot of uses for flags.  A student looking to research on a topic might want to compare three different articles on say American History.  Instead of adding bookmarks and clutttering up the bookmarks, the student can add a flag to navigate between the two articles.  If he or she would like to revisit the web page at a later time-sure the student can add it to Bookmarks.  We promise, you will read about how to do exactly this, later on in this section.

Using Flags is a quicker way of navigating between different urls without having to type or remember long urls again or pressing the back or forward button several times.  BrowserG! Flags is like having your own browsing remote.

To bring up the Flags Sidebar- click on the Flag button in the toolbar.  Pressing the red close button in the Flag Sidebar hides it.  Once the Flag Sidebar is visible, the user can add as many temporary flags as they like.

As promised, many a times you would like to save the the web pages you visit or flag-this can be done by simply dragging the flag from the sidebar and adding it to the bookmarks icon in the Flagside bar.  You can add Flags to a HyperView too.  Just drag the Flag onto the hyperview icon.  We are not going to say No!

History Sidebar in BrowserG!

Similar to the Flag Sidebar is the History Sidebar.  It comes up on the left side of BrowserG!.  However, you cannot add to the History Sidebar.  BrowserG! tracks all the sites you are visiting for you in the History Sidebar.  However, if you have been surfing a lot, it is useful to flag the web page that interests you instead of having to dig it from bookmarks or history.

To bring up the History Sidebar- click on the History buttonin the toolbar.  Pressing the red close button in the History Sidebar hides it. The History button looks like a Clock in the toolbar.

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